2016 Blogs


12/31 ****
Review of an “eventful” 2016 (“Method Terrorists”)

A Forensic Analysis of Stapel: Fabrication or Falsification?

Replicability Analysis of Dijksterhuis’s “Enhancing Implicit Self-Esteem by Subliminal Evaluative Conditioning”


9/13 ***
Critique of Finkel, Eastwick, & Reis’s article “Replicability and Other Features of a High-Quality Science: Toward a Balanced and Empirical Approach”


6/30 ***
Wagenmaker’s Default Prior is Unrealistic

6/25 ****
A Principled Approach to Setting the Prior of the Null-Hypothesis

6/18 ***
What is the Difference between the Test of Excessive Significance and the Incredibility Index?

6/16 ****
The A Priori Probability of the Point Null-Hypothesis is not 50%


Replicability Report on Social Priming Studies with Mating Primes

Critique of Jeffrey N. Rouder, Richard D. Morey, and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers’s article “The Interplay between Subjectivity, Statistical Practice, and Psychological Science” 

5/9 ***
Questionable Research Practices Invalidate Bayes-Factors Just As Much as P-Values


4/18 *****
Replicability Report of the Ego Depletion Literature


2/16 ****
Discussion of Sterling et al.’s (1995) Seminal Article on Inflated Success Rates in Psychological Science [also recommend reading the original article]

Replicability AudiT of a 10 Study Article by Adam D. Galinsky

A Replicability AudiT of Yaacov Trope’s Publications

2/3 ***
A Critique of Finkel, Eastwick, & Reis’s Views on the Replication Crisis


1/31 *****
Introduction to the R-Index
[The R-Index builds on the Incredibility Index, Schimmack (2012)]

Replicability Analysis of Damisch, Stoberock, & Mussweiler (2010)
[Anonymous Submission to R-Index Blog]

Replicability Analysis of Williams & Bargh (2008)

1/14 ***
Discussion of Hoenig and Heisey’s Critique of Observed Power Calculations

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