The R-Index blog was created by Ulrich Schimmack on December 1, 2014.

The purpose of the R-Index blog is to increase the replicability of published results in psychological science.

What is the R-Index? The R-Index is a statistical tool to examine the replicability of empirical studies.

My vision is that providing information about replicability of published results creates an incentive for researchers and editors of scientific journal to publish results that other researchers can replicate (with the same amount of resources) and that provide a solid foundation for psychological theories of human behavior.

Rewarding highly replicable research findings would benefit psychological science because it would reduce wasteful research that aims to build on prior studies that are unlikely to replicate.

The novel contribution of the R-Index is that it quantifies replicabilty so that replicability can be used to evaluate the quality of journals (see journal rankings) and the strength of empirical findings (see replicability reports).

email: ulrich.schimmack@utoronto.ca

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