2017 Blogs


11/29 *****
A Quantitative Book Review of John A. Bargh’s Book “Before you know it”

My Response to the Rejection of the Z-Curve manuscript from AMPPS
[Reviewer 3 is author of the competing P-Curve method]


10/24 *****
Replicability Rankings of Psychology Journals (2010-2017)


9/4 ****
Replicability Report: The Pen-Paradigm of Facial Feedback Studies


8/2 *****
A Comment on the Alpha Wars: Focus on Beta


Replicability AudiT of the Journal Psychological Science


3/5 *****
Meta-Psychology: A New Discipline and a New Journal
[the journal now exists Meta-Psychology link]


2/26 ***
A Brief Introduction to Null-Hypothesis Significance Testing and Power
[1 Figure and 1500 words]

2/23 ****
On Rand Measurement Error, Reliability, and Replicability

2/21 ***
Examining the Influence of Selection for Significance on Observed Power

2/2 ***** (100,000 views)
A Quantitative Review of Kakneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow Chapter on Social Priming [Co-Authored with Moritz Heene]

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