2018 Journal Replicability Rankings

This table shows the Replicability Rankings for 117 psychology journals.

Journals are ranked based on the replicability estimates for the year 2018.

Replicability estimates are obtained from z-curve analyses of automatically extracted test statistics. If you click on the journal name, you can see plots of the z-curve distributions for the years 2010-2018.

Rank  Journal201820172016201520142013201220112010
1 European Journal of Developmental Psychology898683637375787867
2 Journal of Cognition and Development897477676568556669
3 Political Psychology887578747071734366
4 Social Development847278627471717372
5 Social Psychology847474727470647672
6 Depression & Anxiety837578707380808986
7 Journal of Counseling Psychology836978777078776282
8 Personal Relationships837671706965705866
9 Sex Roles838180737276797373
10 Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology827282797074777063
11 Cognitive Psychology817580727577718174
12 Epilepsy & Behavior818281798584798976
13 Experimental Psychology817472717672747269
14 Journal of Consumer Behaviour816979757381738379
15 Journal of Health Psychology816371797880766371
16 Journal of Pain816777728072777370
17 Law and Human Behavior817576696074768372
18 Psychology of Religion and Spirituality817180807570557375
19 Social Psychological and Personality Science817665606461576554
20 Evolution & Human Behavior807380757562646962
21 Journal of Personality807773687269726066
22 JPSP-Attitudes & Social Cognition807955746949616160
23 Journal of Vocational Behavior807485836583798577
24 Memory and Cognition808074797676797677
25 Attention, Perception and Psychophysics797970737677807473
26 Consciousness and Cognition797869697466707373
27 Journal of Cognitive Psychology797577747772737985
28 Journal of Educational Psychology797872677574767783
29 Journal of Nonverbal Behavior798973637276716364
30 Journal of Research in Personality797876817776707268
31 Psychophysiology797878707268717778
32 Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology797676757473767572
33 Aggressive Behavior787277677060697968
34 Evolutionary Psychology787882777681738069
35 Health Psychology787061666667596968
36 J. of Exp. Psychology – Human Perception and Performance787677757575777876
37 J. of Exp. Psychology – Learning, Memory & Cognition787978778174767180
38 Psychonomic Bulletin and Review787577827883717078
39 British Journal of Psychology777777827571787969
40 British Journal of Developmental Psychology777176746467857777
41 Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology777575807780717777
42 Journal of Experimental Psychology – General777774747274667368
43 Journal of Family Psychology776962727170646768
44 Journal of Memory and Language778082797475717973
45 JPSP-Personality Processes and Individual Differences776574717365687061
46 Personality and Individual Differences777674777776737170
47 Appetite767771646673717273
48 Cognition767673727476747272
49 European Journal of Personality767679688167677079
50 Journal of Anxiety Disorders767973697675787174
51 Journal of Occupational Health Psychology768073727354757971
52 Cognition and Emotion756568747385858181
53 Journal of Affective Disorders757584857784787271
54 Journal of Child and Family Studies757372696874737473
55 Journal of Experimental Social Psychology757167626156545755
56 Journal of Social and Personal Relationships757184595769617882
57 Psychological Science757168696565636161
58 Cognitive Therapy and Research747570716175746765
59 Frontiers in Psychology747674737372726882
60 Journal of Applied Social Psychology747179677269777175
61 Journal of Religion and Health747485807676898068
62 Psychological Medicine747382677578667772
63 Animal Behavior737771697071717075
64 Child Development736673736869747173
65 Cognitive Development738074827171746963
66 Developmental Psychology737575747572676866
67 Emotion737371686972686873
68 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience737074737476787672
69 Judgment and Decision Making738178767768737071
70 Journal of Experimental Child Psychology737271777572727174
71 Journal of Social Psychology737573706562777175
72 Memory737479678776778488
73 Perception737576787379828993
74 Annals of Behavioral Medicine727073637075777272
75 Archives of Sexual Behavior727878797581787687
76 Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience727470706770727067
77 International Journal of Psychophysiology727464706762717065
78 Psychology and Aging727880768171777675
79 Behaviour Research and Therapy717072757672776669
80 Journal of Organizational Psychology717371667362726675
81 Journal of Positive Psychology718169727462676373
82 JPSP-Interpersonal Relationships and Group Processes716873646162566154
83 Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes716872696972697163
84 Personality Disorders718764637277525584
85 Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin717369646460596162
86 Acta Psychologica707773737674747674
87 British Journal of Social Psychology707863676163597063
88 Hormones & Behavior706163626262616663
89 Journal of Abnormal Psychology706964636569667370
90 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology707761666562656665
91 Journal of Experimental Psychology – Applied708069687265757071
92 Journal of Happiness Studies705679787880778877
93 Behavioural Brain Research697168746770717172
94 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy697580766270807262
95 Journal of Applied Psychology697980707469736971
96 Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders697172706572676770
97 Psychology of Music698079727375728287
98 Biological Psychology686366706666617070
99 Developmental Science687367696571676867
100 Journal of Comparative Psychology686675757980716862
101 Psychology and Marketing687070657665716371
102 Psychoneuroendocrinology686566636364626461
103 Psychopharmacology687475747173757171
104 Behavior Therapy677169717474756377
105 Developmental Psychobiology676366656970707164
106 Journal of Consumer Psychology665653676664595964
107 Journal of Consumer Research666463516348616064
108 Journal of Individual Differences658265746386559170
109 Journal of Youth and Adolescence657084778176747475
110 European Journal of Social Psychology647376647167566866
111 Group Processes & Intergroup Relations646866706769656759
112 Journal of Research on Adolescence626771676472747867
113 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines616867676268715762
114 Motivation and Emotion617263666466638167
115 Infancy596061616667637153
116 Behavioral Neuroscience577368707068706672
117 Self and Identity576868577271727073

8 thoughts on “2018 Journal Replicability Rankings

  1. I’m perplexed that someone would you go to the trouble to look at a complex issue such as replication and then ignore, well, replication. Each replicability score for each journal for each year is a replication, and one should average the scores across years rather than just usiing 2018 data before presenting the rankings! If we treat years as the unit of analysis, the average corrected item total correlation for one year’s ratings with the total set of ratings (average across years) is r = .59. So using the average would be fairer and a lot more informative.

    1. You can average if you want to know performance over a 9-year time span. However, this would ignore trends in the data like the improvement in Psychological Science from 2010 to 2018. Of course, results for a specific year are noisier and we wouldn’t place to much stock on a specific rank in a specific year, but that is how rankings (or stock prices for that matter) work.

  2. would be good to see citation rating and wonload next to repliccability
    what happened to quarterly journal of experimental psych? i.e. hw did you choose whihc journals to include? are they all peer reviewed?
    you mihgt ,like to compare iwth ionides estimate of open data deposit

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