Replicability Audit of Steven J. Heine

“Trust is good, but control is better”  


Information about the replicability of published results is important because empirical results can only be used as evidence if the results can be replicated.  However, the replicability of published results in social psychology is doubtful. Brunner and Schimmack (2018) developed a statistical method called z-curve to estimate how replicable a set of significant results are, if the studies were replicated exactly.  In a replicability audit, I am applying z-curve to the most cited articles of psychologists to estimate  the replicability of their studies.

Steven J. Heine

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5 thoughts on “Replicability Audit of Steven J. Heine

    1. His Z-curve results look good. A high replicability estimate is a good result. So, the results confirm your judgment.

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